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Slim Couture
Hello all! You will have reached this page as you have googled about ‘slim-couture’, ‘divine-slim’, ‘slimming’, ‘tcm’ etc! Yes, this blog will help you to answer all your queries to slim-couture treatment and services! I will be keeping this blog more light hearted ūüėõ Enjoy!
We started in year 2010, from a very humble small store in Jurong East to 2 outlets now in Singapore Shopping Centre & China Square. We have not done much advertising and 90% of our sales are referrals from our satisfied clients. Our highest number of referrals from a customer hit 50 and this has been one of the proudest results we have gotten from a happy and satisfied client!
Thus far, ALL of our clients have walked out of the shop satisfied and contented with the results. Definitely, our treatment is not a miracle. It has to be coupled with a diet guideline which I will share more in the next post!
¬†If you are not familiar with TCM slimming, it is a way to lose weight using Traditional Chinese Medicine as opposed to a mainstream weight loss approach. TCM slimming therapies target fats by stimulating the acupuncture points and unclogging the meridians – commonly known as the natural energy pathways of the body. This helps to increase the body’s metabolism of fats, which in turn transforms into energy for the body’s consumption and is dispelled.
To share a little more about myself,¬† I was super lucky to chance upon this treatment overseas. From young, I have been trying to lose weight. I was chubby, alright, I never thought that I was fat (most girls will feel in this way, I guess :P) and I hated it. I tried XXX slimming centres which cost me $8000++ and they made me go through some machines, sauna and heat wrap. They did not work for me. I lost ,perhaps, 2 kg and I gained them back within a month!! I tried diet pills, yes all sorts. It didn’t work for me. I tried exercising (alright, I was quite lazy thus¬†I pushed myself¬†through it) but it was tough.¬†Finally, I came across this¬†treatment¬†and I was truly amazed by the results achieved. And I guess most of you will be wondering how I look like before and after..
‘I had a shock when browsing through my old pics.. I totally forgot that I was so freaking FAT! ‘
Background of Slim Couture
Slim Couture is a home-grown Singapore company focused on helping women lose weight safely. Through the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Slim Couture prides itself in providing 100% results guaranteed weight loss solutions to female clients with weight issues since 2010.

Miss Ng, lost a total of 17.2 kg and an overall centimetres loss of 60.6cm!

“I’ve used to feel that my whole body is so bulky that I tend to knock or bump into anything everywhere I went in the past! I’m so glad that I’ve tried Slim Couture as they help me to achieve a more confident ME!” Miss Ng

Miss Pang, lost 16.6kg and an overall inch loss of 53cm! Look the the new body that she has now!

“I’m really happy and my friends and relatives commented that I’m looking wonderful now! I’ve also realized that my complexion is a lot more radiant as well!” Miss Pang

Ex model, Miss Wei Wei, lost 5.3kg and an overall inch loss of 30.7cm!

“Oh my god! Is that me? I look as if I’m having a totally new body now! I’m really grateful to the encouragement and care that I’ve received from the team of experts at Slim Couture!”

Miss Emily lost a total of 16.8kg and an overall centimetres loss of 66.8cm after a total of 67 days!

Miss Kim, lost a total of 6.8kg and an overall centimetres loss of 36.5cm in a short period of 6 weeks!

“I am loving the curves on my body now! Friends and colleagues commented that I’m so much sexier now!” Miss Kim

Miss Aries, standing at 148cm, lost a total of 10.8kg, overall inches loss of 45.6cm and an overall fats % reduction of 10.5%!

“As I belongs to the shorter catergory among the ladies, I used to look very big size! I’m very happy and confident with ny new body that’s sculpted out by The Experts at Slim Couture! They are really professional and attentive!” Miss Aries

Miss Toh, lost a total of 7.5kg and an overall inch loss of 37cm!

“I’ve got a shock when I saw my before/ after picture. I showed my friends and they thought that I’ve lost a total of about 12kg!” Miss Toh with a big smile on her face

Miss Leong, used to weigh 54.3kg when we first met her, lost a total of 7.2kg and an overall inch loss of 41.2cm!

“If that’s not me in the picture, I would have thought that the person in the last picture is another person! I’m really thankful that I chose Slim Couture not only because of my new and sexy figure but my complexion has tremendously improved as well! ” Miss Leong

Observer Miss Rainy’s progress since 31st Oct! She has a much more curvy figure and her inner thighs are having a wider gap apart from each other.

“When I first saw Slim Couture’s testimonials on Facebook, I have strong doubts as I thought that all their pictures were photoshopped. However, especially after I’ve been thought the Divine Slim’s treatments, I can strongly vouched that all their pictures are genuine and Slim Couture really delivers what they have promised- 100% results guaranteed. I love you for giving me a much more curvy figure now.”

In a short period of 39 days, Customer Miss Chantilly has dropped from Size 44 to Size 40!
She lost an overall of 30.1 cm and 8.9kg over a short period of 39days!
“Shopping for pants have always been a headache for me in the past..I’ve never imagined that I can fit into Size M. I can fit into Size M’s dresses now and the most wonderful part of it is that it’s still loose. Thank you.” Miss Chantilly
Our testimonials

We also have the honour to invite Yina, a reputable blogger to try out our slimming treatments!
Yina was preparing for her upcoming wedding photoshoot and we thought that she will be such a suitable candidate for the treatments!
Slim Couture TCM Slimming
You can read more about her experience here
Our achievements
Start believing in us, and start believing in yourself.
We are dedicated to help you achieve your ideal weight and silhouette fast & effective
  • Absolutely safe
  • Immediate and visible results just within 3 days
  • 100% weight and inches loss otherwise money back guaranteed
  • Holistic service with nutritional guidance
  • No gimmick- no pills & exercising required
If interested, please kindly contact us at 63368665/65368586
Singapore Shopping Centre:
190 Clemenceau Avenue #05-29
(operation starts from 19th March 2014)
China Square:
18 Cross Street #02-06
More updates on the diet and FAQ soon!
Stay tuned

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