Hello all! Pardon for the hiatus! We were so busy in the past three months setting up our 2nd shop and we are glad to announce that the 2nd outlet is in full operational mode! Many of our clients have been queuing up to 2 months for their slots and now we have shortened the waiting time to 3 weeks to a month! Thank you all for your patience and trust in us!
Recently, we have added 2 new female ambassadors to Slim Couture and they are Shiberty and Kay Kay! Together with Yina, they are going through a series of treatments to help hem to slim and tone up for various purposes!
Yina came back for more treatments to gear up for her wedding shoot in Korea!
Quoted from Yina at http://yina.blogspot.com
“I’m still amazed that I actually lost 33cm overall in terms of measurements last year, with Slim Couture. Despite not adhering strictly to their diet (I even went overseas to HK!) and all that!”

Some of the before-and-after photos taken last year, my silhouette was like so much improved after my sessions at Slim Couture?

You can read more about her experiences here


Quoted by Shiberty at http://www.shiberty.com
” So all in all, I’d have to say I am a satisfied client of Slim Couture. Seeing my measurements slowly but surely drop every session feels so good!!! I know I’m on my way to a better and healthier body. Although according to them, my results are reallyyy slow compared to their other clients… LOL no thanks to my incessant binge eating.. I really can’t control my appetite!!!! I’m sorry!!! But I do try my best, as much as I can! And I’m STILL proud of what I’ve achieved so far.. Slow and steady wins the race??? *comforts self* To be fair to myself, I’m showing progress, and it’s quite visible. At least enough for everyone to be telling me recently that I’ve lost weight – that has to count for something, right?!

My Weight Loss Progress from the past 2 months of undergoing the “Divine Slim” treatment with Slim Couture:

3+ KG Loss
Arms: 3.7cm
Tummy: 8cm
Thighs: 11.5cm

Never have I ever posted such vulnerable and revealing photos on my blog. I’m uncomfortable to even post anything too skimpy or suggestive on social media these days, but I’m doing something out of my comfort zone in this post because I know a lot of people genuinely want to know whether my results are real or not, so okay lah here you go!!!!!!

This is the real me! (with my head chopped off and in low resolution so as to protect myself)

Yes, I have a biggggg bum. I’ve always mentioned on my blog that I am bottom heavy, now do you believe me? My boyfriend likes to call me”J-Lo” because she also has a big ass and well, my name is Jessica Loh. :’D Sometimes he also nicknames me Kim Kardashian. My big bum is still big (lol), but dare I say quite a lot smaller now! If you move back away from your screen, the difference will be easier to notice. I haven’t lost that much on my arms (damn you arm fats) but I’ve realized that they’re not as obscenely large when I take photos these days. My tummy and waist are also smaller, and no, I wasn’t sucking in!

Don’t laugh at my huge granny bra. It’s comfortable. I know some girls are all about lacey frilly bras and g strings, but I like to be comfortable. Problem?!

Let’s zoom in on the parts that are the most apparent:
I used to have a stomach that bulged out so much, I couldn’t even look down and see anything but my toes, because I was constantly bloated. Now that I’m managing my portions and overall diet better, my stomach is actually quite flat!!! And I can look straight down. It’s a miracle. It’s not TONED, but at least it’s not BULGING.

It feels awesome to be able to walk around without having to suck your gut in! I also have a more defined waist and a less obvious muffin top. 

Woopiee!!!! ANDD I ALSO HAVE some sort of thigh gap going on now!! YAY! My big cankles are now more toned down. Those circle marks are residual cupping marks. 
Thanks to losing 11.5cm off my thighs area, I’ve actually started to wear jeans a lot more often now, much to everyone’s surprise! Everyone when they see me: Oh my god, are you wearing jeans? I’ve never seen you in pants before! Yeah, me too. I haven’t worn jeans since I got fat!!! Feels good to be in denim again, pants that I haven’t been able to wear for YEARS!
I am currently at the lightest weight and healthiest state I’ve been in probably, say, more than 3 years. I don’t know exactly when I started to gain weight, so it’s hard to say for sure, but my jeans don’t lie… when was the last time you saw me in jeans on my blog? My thighs and butt were too big to fit into anything relatively normal sized! If this is my progress in 2 months, I’m looking forward to see what I will look like by the end of the year – or even in a few extra months. It’s actually surprisingly easy to be on this slimming program, seeing as I’m not dieting as much as I should be and still losing weight (although I REALLY SHOULD!!!)

If you’re thinking of going for Slim Couture, please do yourself a favor and diet more than I did!!! You’ll be amazed by the results. “

You can read more about her experiences here


We also have another very happy and satisfied client, Bai YZ ( Yina’s bf) who has became a very happy client of slim couture! All these was achieved within 2 weeks of treatments, diet and his own exercise! yes, you saw it right- 6 packs!!

We are so happy to see the results on them! Do note that Shiberty and Yina do not follow a very strict diet and they are losing weight and inches along the way! 
For many of you who are interested to know how fast you can lose weight and inches through the program, i will share with you my personal experiences..
I was 55.5Kg when i first started the program and dropped 2 kg and 4cm off my waist after 3 days! Within 6 weeks, i lost a total of 7kg and 10cm off my waist, and 3.5 cm off my arms , and 5cm off my thighs! I dropped a size from UK 8/10 to UK 6! 🙂 Yes all within 6 weeks!
Most of the clients who followed through the treatments coupled with our recommended diet experienced similar results, though results may vary according to individuals!
Recommended diet:
Morning: A glass of water, egg white or wholemeal bread
Lunch: Fish or Chicken ( can be in any form! Yes even KFC, chicken chop but without the skin)
No soup, soft drinks and snacks!
Dinner: Light Bites ( Fish or Chicken or salad or veg or mushroom)/ Dragon Fruits/ Kiwi
AND snack on cherry tomatoes whole day!!
Actually, there are more things to eat but this is part of the business, so we cannot fully disclose here!! If you will like to find out more, you can always arrange for a consultation with us!
And for now, stay tuned for Kay Kay Results!

Regain your confidence, figure and good health!

Contact us at 6336 8665 / 65368586
or email: askexperts@slim-couture.com

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