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The 5 Worst Foods For Weight Loss

Did you know, that your diet is one of the most important components when it comes to weight loss?

This is why, when you sign up for your Divine Slim programme with Slim Couture, one of the very first things we do is to give you our “Slim Couture Bible”, a comprehensive list of what to eat and what NOT to eat during your weight loss regime with Slim Couture!

Combined with our twice-weekly TCM Gua Sha and Ba Guan sessions, rest-assured that you will see the kilos just melting off you!

It is very important for us to educate our customers on healthy eating, and the right kind of diet.

Today’s post is on the 7 worst foods for weight loss, and we highly encourage anyone looking to lose weight to drastically cut down on these foods that may have unknowingly been the culprit behind your weight gain!

The 5 Worst Foods For Weight Loss

1. Foods High In Carbohydrates: White Rice, White Bread, Noodles, Potatoes


Refined grains found in white rice, white bread, white pasta, and all-purpose flour lack fiber and key nutrients, but are high in calories! The worst thing is we often consume more than the recommended 1 serving of rice/noodles because we are so conditioned to having rice as part of our staple diet!

Another top offender when it comes to weight gain has got to be potatoes! They are worst especially when deep-fried and processed (think French Fries and Potato Chips), and a study showed that every additional serving of potatoes people added to their regular diet each day made them gain about a pound over four years.

Even mashed, baked or boiled potatoes are unexpectedly plumping, perhaps because of their effect on the hormone insulin.

Try cutting down on the rice/noodles/potatoes and instead, fill up on vegetables that will make you feel fuller with their high fibre content!

2. Liquid Calories

If you only monitor the calories in the foods that you eat, and not what you drink, don’t be surprised that you’re not losing weight. The truth is, unhealthy beverages are just as fattening as unhealthy foods. If you don’t pay any mind to your intake of liquid calories, you might find it impossible to manage your diet and meet your weight loss goals!

Drinks like diet soda, coffee with syrup and whipped cream, alcoholic beverages or even harmless-looking fruit smoothies can be extremely detrimental to weight loss due to the super high sugar/fat content!

Worst of all, your stomach doesn’t register liquid as “real” food, and thus all those liquids end up as extra calories that doesn’t count for anything to help satiate your hunger and fill your tummy.

“Fluid calories do not hold strong satiety properties, don’t suppress hunger and don’t elicit compensatory dietary responses,” said Richard Mattes, M.P.H, R.D.,a professor of foods and nutrition at Purdue University. “When drinking fluid calories, people often end up eating more calories overall.”

3. Baked Goods, Sweets & Desserts


Many desserts are high in sugar, fat and calories. They are best served as an occasional treat, and not to be eaten as part of a generous three-course restaurant meal for every dinner!

Sugary dessert calories are “empty” calories—meaning they’re un-nutritious and not doing your health any favors even if they’re not hurting you. Save your calories for other sweet treats like fruits that are chock full of vitamins and nutrients instead!

All forms of baked goods like muffins, cupcakes (worse still with frosting!), bagels can also unwittingly be super high in calories that will do no favours for your waist line!

“These foods are bad on so many levels, because they are filled with high sugar content and preservatives for a longer shelf-life — they can literally sit there forever. Sugar increases inflammation in the skin, which on top of irritating acne and rosacea, can make you look puffy and bloated. Skip the wrapped stuff and grab fresh fruit for a sweet fix instead.”

4. Processed Food & Fast Food


One single fast food meal with an upsized order of fries and drink can cost you over a thousand calories, almost an entire day’s worth of intake!

Along with the calories, trans fat and sodium are the main culprits in processed food and fast food that will wreak havoc on your health and weight.

A study published in January 2004 in “The Lancet” showed that over a 15-year period, young adults who ate fast food more than twice a week gained an additional 10 pounds compared to those eating it less than once a week. One meal from a fast food restaurant typically contains the amount of calories you need for the entire day.

Over time, eating too much fast food and processed food leads to weight gain and chronic medical conditions.

5. Food High In Fats: Red Meat, Fatty Fish, Nuts, Avocados

Yes, we are aware that there are good fats and bad fats, but while on Divine Slim treatment, we recommend a low-fat diet for most effective weight loss, and to stay off all fatty foods, including red meats (pork and beef), fatty fish like salmon and codfish, as well as avocado, nuts and etc.

These foods may be nutritious and healthy, but also pack a punch with a shockingly high fat content.

It’s true there are health benefits to favoring preferred fats such as monounsaturated fat and omega-3 fatty acids. However, the total amount of fat is important because it can be a red flag for foods high in potentially health-damaging fats: saturated fat and trans fat. Also, compared to carbohydrates and protein, each gram of fat has twice as many calories.

These are the top five worst foods for weight loss that we recommend you stay away while on Divine Slim’s TCM treatments.. Stay tuned to find out what kind of healthy and delicious food that you’ll be eating instead to aid in weight loss!


Slim Couture is a home-grown Singapore company focused on helping women lose weight safely. Through the principles of traditional Chinese medicine, Slim Couture prides itself in providing successful weight loss solutions to female clients with weight issues since 2010. With its client-oriented approach and quality services, Slim Couture has been awarded the Singapore Quality Brands 2013/2014 and the Top 100 Singapore Excellence Award 2013/2014.

For a free consultation and body/weight analysis or to find out how TCM can help you slim down quickly and healthily!

Call: 6536 8586/ 6336 8665


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